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"Our son never gets bored with this program because every week there is something different to learn and new challenges to take on."



Newmarket Ninja offers pro-rated sessions. Sign up at any time!

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Our clan system is used to track the progress of our young Ninjas throughout their training.


Young ninjas earn headbands every time they master all the elements neccessary in their respective clans and move onto the next part in their training.


See if you can master all of the clans and be named a true ninja!



Members of the Light Clan are at the very beginning of their journeys to become ninjas. They are introduced to the basic skills and values which form the foundation for the rest of their ninja training. Light represents a clean slate and a fresh beginning for the students.


The Wind Clan is where students start to learn different movements and different ways of overcoming obstacles. In the second stage of their Ninja training, young ninjas will learn even more of the basics and start to turn some of the skills learned in the Light Clan into more complete movements. Much like the wind is free to move as it pleases, Wind Clan Ninjas use the skills they learn to overcome obstacles in new and interesting ways.




The goal of Ninjas in the Water Clan is to take the skills they have been learning and begin to make them flow together into larger and more complicated movements. Young Ninjas learn to adapt themselves and their movements to overcome more difficult and challenging obstacles.

“Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it”
-Lao Tzu


Earth Clan Ninjas strive to improve both their inner and outer strength. They use the skills and lessons they have learned to build confidence in themselves and their abilities which will help them in overcoming challenges they face. They must learn to ground themselves and to be resolute in their ambitions. They will stand strong against whatever challenges are thrown at them and become unmovable in their convictions.




Fire can be a destructive and terrifying force. Fire Clan Ninjas learn to control their power and use it to increase their skills. By focusing on the addition of power into their movements they are able to overcome obstacles that were previously too difficult. The flame also represents the passion that young  Ninjas put into their training and into their lives. It is important to take that passion and channel it into productive activities that will benefit them and the people around them.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire” –
Ferdinand Foch


The time young Ninjas spend in the Ice Clan is a time of reflection and self improvement. It is a time to hone skills learned throughout their journey and to refocus their minds and reflect on their training and the lessons they have learned. The learn to harden their will, like water transforming to ice, so that they may be strong in the final parts of their Ninja training.




Lightning is one of the most powerful forces in nature and Ninjas in the Lightning Clan seek to add that power into their training. This is where they will learn some of the most advanced skills in their ninja training. Lightning is an explosive and blindingly fast force that cannot be stopped until it reaches its goal. This is what Ninjas of the Lightning Clan try to master, the art of being an unstoppable and powerful force.


Joining the Shadow Clan is the final stage in a Ninjas journey. Ninjas who have made it here have the required skills to be considered a true Ninja.

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